It is pleasing to see, but not only what you see! | the group's of Higold 2020 strategy conference was successfully held in sabah


It is pleasing to see, but not only what you see! | the group's of Higold 2020 strategy conference was successfully held in sabah




It is pleasing to see, but not only what you see.! On January 11, the group's of Higold middle and senior management team of nearly 100 people flew from Guangdong to Sabah, Malaysia, a multicultural place in Southeast Asia, to hold the group's annual work report meeting, to summarize the achievements won by Higold in 2019 and make a strategic plan for the group in 2020.

The management team of Higold Group gathered in Sabah Island, Malaysia.

President Ou speech kicked off the annual group work report meeting for this conference. As part of the closed loop of strategic management, it not only systematically summarizes the achievements and shortcomings of the past year, but also conducts a sand table exercise on the strategic landing measures in the coming year. At this meeting, President Ou fully affirmed the Group's achievements in 2019 and issued the Group's development plan for 2020.

This meeting once again publicizes the strategic intention of the group to all the management team attending the meeting, pointing out the direction and path of the group's goal of 10 billion yuan, and expects all the talented people to learn and accept the new things in the rapid development process of the group in a more confident, open and inclusive manner. Adhere to the original, break through the market competition with product innovation, and seize the highland of the industry.


Higold staff listen attentively under the stage

At the meeting, the five-year strategic goal of Higold Group from 2020 to 2025 was energized. In the future, the Group will adhere to the growth of brand empowerment, adhere to brand internationalization, further expand overseas markets, quickly realize the extension of the industrial chain, give full play to the competitive advantages of the whole industrial chain, and reconstruct the new pattern of the household hardware industry, to achieve the strategic goal of 10 billion growth.


President Ou led a management team to take an oath to fight for the honor of Higold.

We are the pioneers of the century-old Higold, we dare to work hard and advance bravely in the torrent. We are ten billion high generals, we dare to fight tough battles, can win battles, in the future we will be of one mind, strive for strength, work together to create the future!

Each business section of Higold Group makes a report on its work.

The senior management delegation made comments on the narrator's report.


Congratulations to GM Wang, GM Wei and GM Sun on winning the first, second and second runner-up respectively in the 2019 Higold work report.

Subsequently, the management team of Higold Group signed the 2020 performance contract, with the formal signing of the contract to show confidence and determination to achieve the goal, we will work as one, strive for the honor of Higold.



The management teams of Higold Group formally signed the 2020 performance contract.

The core of the development of the group is talent. In order to thank the talented people for their hard work for the group in the past days, after the exciting meeting, they immediately began the journey of exploring the multiculturalism of Sabah.



Feel the natural beauty of the original ecology of Malaysia

It is pleasing to see, but not only what you see. Higold people will be more active, open and confident to look at and learn from the new things, new changes and new developments that have emerged in the development of the group. After all, we will be able to stand on a broader world and a brighter stage to achieve all our goals and achieve a hundred years of success.